Eyelash Extensions

Back in November I began my training for eyelash extensions. I completed my certification in January. I know most have 1-2 days workshops for certification; however my trainer did 2 days plus 3 hands on. I actually did 4 hands on sessions because she wanted to ensure that I was able to do a full set before certification. 

I wanted to add lashes to my beauty business because I had a few past brides ask about wearing lashes on their honeymoon. Typically, strip lashes only last one day and it isn't recommended that you sleep in them. Adding this service allows me to offer them the option of having lashes after their wedding day. 

Lashing takes a lot of patience due to the task being very tedious. I am learning that I will always be a student when it comes to eyelashes because there are so many factors that will affect the lashes. My goal is to always protect my client's natural lashes and provide neat and clean lash styles (no crazy looking lashes here). 

I am excited about this new addition to my business! You can check out some of my lash work on my Instagram www.instagram.com/taneshawilliamsbeauty