When should you book your Makeup Artist for your wedding?

You'd be surprised how many brides call me less than 30 days from their wedding. This is one of the biggest days of their life and some seem to forget that makeup is just as important as the dress, venue, and photographer. Your makeup artist is a vendor too and they shouldn't be the last vendor your book. 

You should be securing your beauty team 6-9 months out from your wedding at minimum. Do your research, read reviews, and ask for referrals.  This is the day that all eyes will be on your because you are the centerpiece of the wedding. The photos and memories will last forever and booking your makeup artist early means putting your best face forward for the rest of your life. 


Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day?

You'd be surprised how many brides neglect to hire a professional makeup artist for one of the biggest days in their life. You invest in a venue, you invest in a photographer, and you invest in the dress.  Please do not skimp on your face! Invest in a makeup artist that understands bridal beauty. You will be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life, you are worth this investment. Yes, I know your cousin does good makeup on herself when you two hit the club, but that is totally different than bridal makeup. You want someone who understands what products work best for wedding photography. If there is ever a day in your life to get your makeup done right, it should definitely be for your wedding day. All eyes will be on you since this is your day to be the center of attention.

Does your cousin understand color theory? A professional makeup artist knows the importance of selecting the proper colors that will compliment your eyes and skin tone.  Deep tones with shimmery blue eyeshadow is a no no! You want your neck and face to match and all imperfections perfected. This is where the importance of having a bridal preview aka bridal trial comes in (that'll be a totally different post). Your wedding day is likely the day you will take the most photographs and your makeup should look amazing!  

An experienced makeup artist practices the art of makeup and understands the proper makeup application techniques. They are also familiar with different facial structures, eye shapes, and skin textures. A professional will know how to enhance a bride's best features  while disguising other less flattering ones just by applying makeup. A great makeup artist will know how to fix your brows to best frame your face and cover that last minute pimple, so you can be camera ready. 

Your wedding day is sure to be busy and you may have some unexpected issues that arise, but don't let your face be one of them. Wedding planning can be stressful, and on the day of, you want to feel relaxed.  An on location makeup artist will travel to your wedding prep location and provide a relaxing and pampering environment. You want someone who has experience coordinating timelines and can ensure a seamless flow while getting you and your bridal party flawless. You don't want to be late for your own wedding due to the lack of proper planning because you didn't hire a pro.

Yes, there is a cost for great makeup! Let's be honest, in the DMV area you will find a range of prices for makeup artists. If there is a makeup artist advertising super cheap prices for on-location wedding makeup, they are most likely lacking experience. Book your wedding makeup with one that has a portfolio, reviews, and a good reputation. The last thing you want to do is hire the wrong makeup artist for your wedding day. Remember, this entire day is an investment and you get what you pay for! 



Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello Beauties! My name is Tanesha Williams; however I go by Tanesha Latrese in the beauty world and social media. Welcome to my blog! 

I started my professional makeup artistry business, Beauty by Tanesha, LLC in 2012. I have a background in Sociology, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. Yes, two totally different spectrums of careers! When I tell people my background I'm always asked, how did you end up in makeup with that type of background? Truth be told the two aren't that different. They both deal with people and I love helping people. Having a career in the behavioral sciences, allows me to help people navigate with changing their behavior. Having a business in makeup allows me to help women enhance their features and build the confidence they need to face this world, by giving them beauty tips for every day, or making them feel like royalty on their wedding day. 

I am currently based in Anne Arundel County, MD near Arundel Mills and I service the surrounding DMV area. I am a Mother of a pre-teen, who loves cheerleading, singing, and playing the piano. She can do all the latest dances as well and keeps me entertained. 

Now that I have given you a little bit about me, let me tell you about my business. I am here to service all your beauty needs. If you're looking for special occasion makeup for that engagement session, wedding, birthday, headshot, or a date night, book me as your makeup artist. I will be hosting one on one makeup lessons, having group classes, and I will be assisting with personal shopping. Be sure to subscribe (look at the top of the pages for the link) to my newsletter to get the latest news, updates on classes, and events!